The RENEW team will leverage extensive past experience, namely

  • Rice WARP (founded in 2006, PI Sabharwal), a high-performance open-source SDR platform that has been used by 450+ research papers as of November 2017.
  • Rice TFA wireless (founded 2006, PI Knightly) that is one of the largest free wireless network, in an under-resourced community, operational for more than a decade.
  • Rice Argos (founded in 2010, PI Zhong), developed the world’s first massive MIMO programmable platform.
  • UMich Mobilab (founded in 2011, PI Mao), has developed some of the most widely used mobile measurement toolkits.
  • TSU VR-Lab (PI Chen), has developed world’s open-source teaching labs for conducting experiments with physical objects, like robotic agents.

Our Team

Lin Zhong
Associate Director

Joe Cavallaro
Professor, Rice ECE

Edward Knightly
Professor, Rice ECE

Morley Mao
Professor, UMICH EECS

Wei Wayne Li
Professor, TSU CS

Xuemin Chen
Professor, TSU CS

Rahman Doost-Mohammady
Lead Engineer, Rice

Oscar Bejarano
System Engineer, Rice

C. Nicolas Barati
Postdoc, Rice

Our Industry Collaborators and Partners