Multi-User MIMO Dataset

Project Dataset

We used the Argos V2 platform to measure the mobile channels to a 64-antenna massive MIMO base station in outdoor environments. We measured user channels in 4 Line-of-Sight and 5 Non-Line-of-Sight clusters in near-stable environments. In each cluster, we measured channels in more than 25 locations. In total, the measurement covers more than 225 locations. And the measured channel at each location covers all 52 data sub-carriers and up to 300 frames. The measurement is done on 2.4-GHz ISM band.

Datasets Description

These datasets were collected by Xu Du and Xing Zhang at the Rice University campus. For details of the experiment, please refer to Section III-A in this paper. For any questions about this dataset, please contact the paper authors ( or the RENEW team.

For details on how to use the dataset, see the README file enclosed in the dataset. Before you use the datasets, please read the Data Copyright and License Agreement below.

Data Copyright and License

Rice University hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the data for commercial, educational, and/or research purposes only. You agree to not redistribute the data without written permission from Rice University.

You agree to acknowledge the source of the data in any publication or product reporting on your use of it.

We provide no warranty whatsoever on any aspect of the data, including but not limited to its correctness, completeness, and fitness. Use at your own risk.

You agree to acknowledge the following two publications:

in any publication or product reporting on your use of the data. If the data is not part of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications reference data, you also agree to acknowledge the additional source of the data, if applicable.

NOTE: Downloading, obtaining, and/or using the data in any means constitutes your agreement with these terms.

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