Argos was first developed at Rice in 2011 as a 64-antenna base station, becoming the first Massive MIMO base station ever built. Since then, Argos has evolved with two newer versions. The most recent version of Argos (ArgosV3) has been already deployed around Rice campus as part of the ArgosNet project. ArgosV3 will be deployed in and around University of Utah Campus as part of the POWDER platform and will become open to users for experimentation.


The RENEW platform will be integrated and deployed on the POWDER platform, deployed on the University of Utah campus and areas around the campus. The POWDER framework will provide full access to all the capabilities of RENEW framework and be open to the community, and the power of a programmable wireless radio network will be available to the research community for the first time.


Ashu Sabharwal will be giving a talk and particpate in a panel at the IEEE 5G World Forum's Workshop on 5G Applications and Services in Dresden Germany >>See more

Edward Knightly will particpate in a panel at the IEEE Infocom 2019 >>See more

RENEW team has an open position for a software engineer >>See more

RENEW first software release is now available >>See more

RENEW Features

The RENEW project will develop world’s first fully programmable and observable wireless radio network. With RENEW, wireless research and development community will be able to test diverse ideas and concepts, ranging from low-level hardware to all the way to novel applications. The project will support many firsts, like

  • Programmable wide-band radios, including 5G bands of 2.5 and 3.5GHz
  • Large-scale MIMO, including massive MIMO
  • Novel PHY and network stacks, including 5G-like and WiFi-like protocol stacks
  • Observable at all layers of the protocol stack
  • Use of distributed computational resources throughout the infrastructure

RENEW is a technology partner to POWDER, an NSF-funded platform for advanced wireless research. RENEW will provide cutting edge technology for deployment on POWDER testbed for next-generation wireless research. RENEW is a partnership of Rice University, University of Michigan and Texas Southern University.

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